Sections & Themes

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  1. Ancient Georgia

  2. Medieval Georgia

  3. Modernism in Georgia

  4. Conservation/Restoration

  5. Subsection. Biological Deterioration in Cultural Heritage

  6. Cultural Tourism

Section 1. Ancient Georgia   top

The goal of this section is to consider the importance of inter-connections between the archaeological cultures of Georgia and the cultures and civilizations of the rest of Eurasia, also to reveal the level of their influence, along with the originality of Pre-Christian Art of Georgia

 Speakers may include the following themes:

  • Prehistoric Art of Georgia;
  • Georgian Art of the Classical Period – Colchis and Iberia;
  • Pre-Christian Architecture of Georgia;
  • Survival of Pre-Christian Cultural Elements in the Medieval Art of Georgia

  • Section 2. Medieval Georgia top

    The goal of this section is to consider the new achievements of science and engineering in understanding the existing Georgian cultural treasure. Specifically, in terms of understanding the development of a distinct Georgian style of medieval art. The further goal of this section is to consider the separate fields of Georgian art (including architecture, mural painting, manuscripts, stone carving, embroidery, et cetera), as existing in parallel cultures (Western and Eastern), in general art criticism.

    Speakers may include the following themes:

  • Parish and secular architecture;
  • Monumental painting and Illuminated manuscripts;
  • Stone and metal sculpturing;
  • Enamel, embroidery and etc.

  • Section 3. Modernism in Georgia top

    The goal of this section is to consider newly discovered types and pieces of art, as well as new data and new conceptions regarding known works.

    Speakers may include the following themes:

  • Architecture
  • Fine arts

  • Section 4. Conservation/Restoration top

    The goal of this section is to analyze the methods, achievements, and problems of International Conservation as well as modern restoration materials in terms of preserving Georgian cultural heritage.

    The papers may cover any of the following themes:

  • Mural paintings
  • Archaeological metal and embossing;
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Stone
  • Easel painting

  • Subsection. Biological Deterioration in Cultural Heritage top

    Papers are to cover one of the following fields:
  • Biodeterioration: Main mechanisms, ecology, characteristics, development and substance, development and environment;
  • Preservation of Cultrual Heritage: Methods of treatment, materials, etc;
  • Problems of Biological Deterioration, in terms of Georgian heritage: Medieval Architecture, Medieval Wall Painting, Museums and Archives;
  • Evaluation of Resources for Bio-Deterioration Study in Georgia.

  • Section 5. Cultural Tourism top

    The goal of the Cultural tourism section is to share the general international vision of the cultural tourism development worldwide; to evaluate its positive and negative aspects; aimed consideration of the effectiveness in planning and governing tourism issues, dedicated for the country’s economic strengthens. 

    Speakers may include the following themes:

  • Cultural tourism and economic development;
  • Development of cultural tourism and the role of cultural policy and legislation of Preservation of Cultural Heritage – international practice;
  • Existing sources for the development of Cultural tourism in Georgia and the ways of its utilization;
  • The role of cultural tourism for the promotion of cultural heritage worldwide and particularly on the tourism markets;
  • Tourism at Holly places – problems and ways of its solution, (pilgrims, organized tourism, etc.);
  • Ethnography and tourism (tangible and spiritual culture, social environment, traditional  architecture, economic life and agriculture), as a broad scale tourism product;
  • The role of the museums in development of Cultural Tourism;
  • Cultural tourism and  education programs