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Chikhradze, Mzia
Senior Research Fellow, G. Chubinashvili National Center for Georgian Art History Research and Heritage Protection
"Modern Georgian Art in the Context of Western Cultur
Dvalishvili, Maka
President, Georgian Arts and Culture Center
Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Harriman Institute, Columbia University
"Monuments at Risk:  Preservation and Conservation Initiatives in Georgia"
Evans, Helen C.
Curator of Byzantine Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
"The Glory of Byzantium:  Recognizing the Importance of Georgian Art"
Gaganidze, Nino
Professor of Art History, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
"Medieval Georgian Relief Sculpture:  Repoussé Icons and Architectural Decoration"
Judy, Mary Kay
Architectural Conservator
"The Village of Chazhashi:  Case Study of Georgian Svannish Vernacular Architecture"
Kldiashvili, Ani
Professor of Art History, Tbilisi State Academy ofArts>
"Georgian Antiquity"
"Medieval Georgian Mural Paintings"

Koshoridze, Irina
Senior Curator, Georgian National Museum
Visiting Scholar, Department of Art History, New York University
"Georgia at the Crossroads:  The Moorish Style in Georgian Secular Architecture of the 18th-19th Centuries"
Rubinson, Karen S.
Research Scholar, Barnard College
"A Highlight of Georgia's Prehistoric Past"
Soltes, Ori Z.
Lecturer in Theology and Art History, Georgetown University
"Defining Georgia Inside and Out"
Tvildiani, Tamara
Lecturer Art History and Theory, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
"Medieval Georgian Architecture:  Key Moments in its Development"
Vikan, Gary
Director, The Walters Art Museum

"Genius of Medieval Georgian Art"